How to Revive Dry Erase Markers

Kenneth Coppens

One of the most common problems with a dry erase marker is a dried-out tip. This is usually caused by leaving the marker uncapped for an extended period of time, though improper storage can also affect the tip.

Dried-out dry erase markers are easy to revive.

As long as the barrel inside the dry erase marker still contains ink, the marker can almost certainly be revived. Fortunately, there are two techniques for reviving dry erase markers that require minimal skill and effort.

Gravity Method

  1. Place the cap over the tip of the marker. The cap must snap into place and fit snugly.

  2. Put the marker in a pencil cup with the tip facing down. Gravity will naturally cause the ink to flow to the tip of the marker.

  3. Check on the marker after 24 hours. In most cases, this will be enough time to revive the marker.

Plier Method

  1. Remove the marker cap.

  2. Grasp the spongy tip of the marker with a pair of pliers. Pull the tip straight out.

  3. Flip the tip around and grasp the moist end with the pliers.

  4. Push the dried-up side of the tip back into the opening of the marker. The marker can be used immediately. The dry portion of the tip will absorb the ink over the course of a day or so.