How to Bring the Color Back to Vinyl Shutters

Faded shutters can make a home look unkempt, but you can bring the color back to your vinyl shutters. Although the process can be rather time consuming, if properly done, the refinished vinyl shutters should last for years.

Refresh faded vinyl shutters with vinyl renewing paint.

When renewing the color of your vinyl shutters, you must clean them thoroughly so the vinyl renewing paint does not fail.

  1. Combine one part of vinyl renewing cleaner with 10 parts of clean water. Mix it thoroughly with a paint stick to disperse the cleaner throughout the water. Do not use well water unless you boil it first, and then allow it to cool, as it can cause mineral deposits on your vinyl shutters.

  2. Apply the vinyl renewing cleaner to one half of one shutter panel with a soft bristled brush. Gently scrub the shutter to remove all traces of oils, chemicals and other cleaners, as well as the oxidation that is formed on vinyl shutters as they age. Do not allow the vinyl renewing cleaner to dry on the surface of your shutters or it may discolor them.

  3. Rinse the vinyl shutters thoroughly to remove all the cleaner. Scrub the shutters using a clean soft bristled brush to ensure that none of the vinyl renewing cleaner is left. Failing to rinse the shutters properly can cause them to become discolored.

  4. Continue cleaning and rinsing the shutters until you have completed all of them. Allow the vinyl shutters to dry completely.

  5. Apply the vinyl renewing paint to the shutters with a high quality paintbrush. Keep steady pressure on the paintbrush, but do not press down too hard as it could leave brush marks. Watch for any bubbles that may form on your vinyl shutters and pop them immediately with the tip of the paintbrush or a sharp pin.

  6. Allow the vinyl renewing paint to dry completely; this usually takes about an hour. Apply a second coat of the vinyl renewing paint for the best results.

  7. Tip

    Wipe any vinyl renewing paint off other surfaces, such as windows or siding, immediately with a sponge and water.