How to Build a Faux Brick Wall

Exposed brick walls in apartments and homes are popular design choices. If your home does not have exposed brick, you don't need masonry skills to add it. Prefabricated brick panels are available in dozens of styles and finishes. The panels have tabs on the sides that lock together like a puzzle.

Simulated brick panels are easy to install.

With a few basic tools you can build your own faux brick wall.

  1. Measure the height and width of the wall that you want to cover with faux brick panels. Multiply the height and width together to get the square feet.

  2. Purchase enough faux brick panels to cover the wall. Panels can be purchased at hardware and building supply stores, as well as online.

  3. Put a tarp on the floor under the work area to protect the floor from dripped glue.

  4. Apply construction glue to the entire back of the first panel using a back and forth zigzag pattern.

  5. Apply the first panel onto the wall at floor level. Slide it back and forth a bit to spread the glue. Use a level to ensure the panel is even.

  6. Screw the panel to the wall through the pre-drilled pilot holes. Use wood screws for wood and drywall, and masonry screws for cement and stone.

  7. Apply adhesive to the next panel and position it on the wall next to the first, using the level to keep it straight. Interlock the tabs as tightly as possible, then screw the panel to the wall. Use a damp rag to wipe off any glue that has squeezed out from the joint.

  8. Continue adding panels until the wall is finished. Use a sharp saw and right angle to make straight cuts on the pieces that are positioned on the ends of the wall.

  9. Fill in the screw holes with wood putty. Allow the putty to dry, then sand it smooth. Paint the putty to match the surrounding color.