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How to Get Stains Out of UGGs With Cleaner

Kaye Wagner

UGG is a shoe manufacturer that makes shoes out of sheepskin lined with sheep’s wool. Because you use these boots in the winter, they can get water, salt or dirt stains on them.

Spot clean these stains regularly to keep the UGG boots looking new and pristine and to avoid having the stains soak deep into the leather boots, where they might take more work to remove. Never attempt to clean UGG boots by machine washing them.

  1. Brush the entire UGG boot with a clean, nylon-bristled brush. This will remove some of the watermarks and pieces of dirt and dust that are stuck in the boot’s nap.

  2. Cover the entire boot in cold water until the surface appears evenly wet. Do not submerge the UGG boot or get it soaking wet, as this would not make the cleaning process easier and would only make the shoe harder to dry.

  3. Apply sheepskin detergent to a clean cloth.

  4. Scrub the detergent into the entire surface of the boot.

  5. Rinse the roots off with clear, cool water. Again, do not soak the boots.

  6. Stuff the boots with clean paper towels so that they keep their shape while they are drying.

  7. Put the boots on the counter until they air dry completely. Do not put them directly in the sun or near a heat source, as this will dry out the leather.