How to Keep Patio Furniture From Flying Away

Tom Ryan

One of the benefits of patio furniture is that it is lightweight and easily movable; however, this can be a negative quality when the wind starts blowing. When it is not secured, patio furniture can blow over and become damaged.

There are a couple of ways to secure lightweight patio furniture.

During extreme weather conditions, your patio furniture can go completely airborne, sending it flying through the air like a renegade missile. Protect yourself, your property and your furniture by properly securing it throughout the year.

  1. Invest in heavy-duty patio furniture covers, particularly oversized ones. These allow you to weight them down against the ground with rocks or other heavy objects, making it harder for your furniture to blow over.

  2. Stack your patio furniture in a corner, away from where the wind blows through. When it is grouped together, it is heavier and resists the wind.

  3. Store your furniture indoors when a storm is approaching. Whether in a garage, a shed or your basement, keeping your furniture inside and out of the harsh elements is the safest way to keep it from flying away.

  4. Warning

    Do not store your patio furniture in the pool, because the chemicals in the water can damage it over time.

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