How to Clean With Azek

Ezekiel James

Azek Building Products, Inc. manufactures composite home decking and trim materials. Azek decks are made from the trademarked Procell technology that discourages major stains to the material. Though Azek decking is marketed as stain resistant, it is still possible for the deck to stain.

This will not occur from dirt buildup, but from too much moisture or mold on the deck.

  1. Rent a steam-powered sprayer from your local hardware store. Since mold cultures die at around 140 degrees Fahrenheit, a steam sprayer is optimal for cleaning mold. Most steam-powered sprayers apply water at upwards of 250 F.

  2. Plug in your power sprayer, and allow a few minutes for the sprayer to build pressure and heat the water. The time varies from washer to washer. Refer to the instructions that came with your specific steam washer for more detailed information. Wear the appropriate hand and eye safety protection as indicated by your washer's instruction manual.

  3. Locate the mold-affected area on your Azek deck, and thoroughly spray the mold off the decking. Turn off the sprayer, and allow time for the deck to dry.

  4. Examine the deck to see if there is still mold present. If so, apply a sodium percarbonate deck cleaning product. This usually comes in powder form, and should be sprinkled over the mold-affected areas. Let the powder sit on the deck for up to six hours, then rinse the deck thoroughly with cold water.

  5. Warning

    If your decking panels are not gapped properly, water and moisture will not drain properly, and will produce mold on your deck's surface. As a general rule, deck panels should be gapped at a minimum of 1/8 inch. If they are not gapped appropriately, contact a licensed deck building contractor to look at your deck.