How to Clean a Cool Deck with Bleach

Kathy Mayse

A cool deck is a concrete deck that has been treated with a coating substance that prevents the surface from becoming hot to the touch. Cool decks are extremely common around pool areas where barefoot kids and adults run and play.

Since cool decks look like regular painted or textured concrete decks, it may be difficult to tell if the product on your deck is regular paint or a cool coat. To test the coating, simply test the surface for heat on a particularly hot day. If the surface is cooler than other concrete surfaces on your property, the coating is a cool-coating product.


If the cleaning reveals weak places in the coating or exposes wear and tear or chipping, you can easily repair the coating by applying a small amount of the cool coating to the damaged area. If the damage covers a large area, resurface the entire deck. Repair cracks and fissures in the concrete using a caulk specifically designed for cool decks.

  1. Gather all supplies, and remove everything from the surface of the deck including furniture, plants, pool supplies and storage totes. Inspect the deck surface for damage.

  2. Spray the deck down with the water hose in a long, sweeping motion that pushes the dirt and debris off to the side of the deck. Avoid pushing the dirty water into the pool or spa.

  3. Fill a large spray bottle with warm water, a small amount of detergent and ΒΌ cup bleach. Shake to mix. Spray the deck until it is completely saturated with the mixture, stopping to refill the spray bottle if necessary. Allow it to soak for 5 to 10 minutes.

  4. Prepare a large batch of the cleaning solution in a bucket. Increase the amount of bleach used to 1 cup. Dip a sponge mop into the solution, and begin scrubbing the deck without wringing out the mop. Start at one corner of the deck, and work your way methodically to the opposite side, cleaning the deck in rowed sections. Repeat the process until you have thoroughly scrubbed the entire deck.

  5. Rinse the deck with the water hose in a long, sweeping motion that pushes the cleaning solution away from the pool and spa. Allow it to air dry.