How to Fix a Cracked Window

Diana Braun

Exercise caution around a cracked window to ensure you do not encounter broken fragments not readily visible. A window hit with a heavy object or exposed to sudden pressure may crack. A crack not promptly fixed can grow much larger.

If it extends across the width or length of a window, cold weather can enter, posing a threat to the safety and well being of the occupants. Use a few household items to remedy a cracked window before it becomes a bigger problem.

  1. Remove any glass shards if the window has been broken. Wear thick gloves to prevent cuts and injury to your hands.

  2. Tape the edges of the window with clear tape to provide support. The tape ensures additional portions of the window do not break while you are repairing the crack.

  3. Apply clear nail polish on the crack. Ensure the entire length of the crack is filled with the nail polish.

  4. Allow the nail polish to dry. This may take 15 to 20 minutes.

  5. Apply another coat of nail polish over the first coat. Do this as many times as possible to seal the crack. You will know when to stop when you can no longer see the crack line.

  6. Warning

    A window with a large crack may be impossible to fix if the window becomes too weak. It is best to replace a window with a large crack.

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