Do it Yourself Wolf Spider Traps

Angela Neal

If you have seen wolf spiders around your home, you will want to catch them and get rid of them before someone gets bitten. A wolf spider bite isn't deadly, but the venom causes pain and swelling at the site of the bite. You can identify the spiders by the brown and grey spotted patterns on their body.

Make a homemade trap to capture a wolf spider.

You can set do-it-yourself traps for these little beasts so you and your family can rest a little easier. Wolf spiders are hunters, so you can use this knowledge to design the trap.

  1. Measure and cut a 9 inch by 4 inch piece of cardboard out of a cereal box with a ruler, pen and pair of scissors. Fold the cardboard so that it has a 3-inch middle section and a 3-inch section on either side.

  2. Spray or brush some water-based polyurethane onto the middle 3-inch section of the cardboard and wait about three hours for it to dry. This will prevent the sticky liquid coating from absorbing into the porous cardboard.

  3. Dip a brush into some "Tangle-Trap," which is made especially for bug traps. Spread the sticky liquid evenly over the middle section of the cardboard. This sticky coating catches the wolf spider in the trap.

  4. Place a few small insects, such as live crickets or flies, in the sticky coating to attract the wolf spiders. Fold the two ends of the cardboard so that the ends meet and tape them together to form a triangular tunnel (wolf spiders love tunnels).

  5. Put the trap in your basement, under your porch or around cracks in the foundation of your home. Check the trap every day or two to see if you've caught any spiders or add more live bait. Wolf spiders will only attack live prey.