How to Paint Your Baby's Hand and Footprints

An image with your baby's hand and footprints makes a wonderful keepsake that is sure to be cherished by anyone who receives it. Hand and footprints can be printed on canvas or paper for wall display or on fabric for use in a quilt or bag.

It is best to use acrylic or tempera paint as they are nontoxic; however, the paint you choose to use should match the medium you will be working with. Hand and footprints are not just for babies -- children of all ages can partake in this fun craft!

  1. Paint the baby's hand. Hold the baby's hand tightly and apply a generous coating of paint to ensure a good impression.

  2. Place the hand firmly on the paper or medium to be used. Repeat with the opposite hand.

  3. Paint the bottom of the baby's foot in the same manner as the hand.

  4. Place the baby's foot onto the intended surface and press firmly to ensure a clear footprint. Repeat with the opposite foot.

  5. Tip

    Adding the baby's name and date of birth or a special poem can give your item an extra special touch. Water-based paints are also safe to use.