How to Finish Roof Eaves

Randal Thomas

Incorrectly finishing your home's roof eaves can lead to damaged eaves or even damage to the land around your foundation. Eaves comprise the edge of your roof that extends beyond the walls of your home. Without the right fixtures, the shingles on your eaves can become damaged.

Protect your roof eaves with flashing and gutters

Additionally, if you don't attach such things as gutters, rain can run off your eaves and pool around your foundation, which can lead to cracks or leaks if you have a basement or erosion of the foundation. Correctly finishing your roof eaves ensures your roof has that final bit of protection to protect your home.


  1. Prop your extension ladders along the side of your house so you and your assistants can successfully hold a length of gutter without it bending.

  2. Attach your gutters 2 inches beneath the outer edge of your shingles, using the rivet gun. Rivet the gutters into place every 2 to 8 inches, ensuring the rivet position in the center of the gutters rear the wall or into the support bracket if your gutter has support brackets.

  3. Slide the downspout into the bottom opening of the corner gutter, attaching additional lengths of downspout extensions as necessary until it reaches the drainage ditch.

Drip Edge

  1. Lift up a section of shingles approximately 1/2 inch to expose the roof underlayment that consists of the felt paper and subroofing plywood.

  2. Slide the flashing onto the outer edge of the shingle. Flashing consists of a thin, metal clasp that fits over the edge of the outermost shingles to keep them from chipping or cracking.

  3. Press the flashing and shingles back into place.