The Best Penetrating Sprays for Rusted Parts

Frank Stalla

Rust sneaks up on items after extended exposure to moisture and other elements. In order to remove rust and restore your belongings to their original look, a penetrating rust-removal product is what you will need.

Rust penetrating sprays will break down rust and ensure it doesn't return.

A penetrating spray will soak into the rust and break it down so you can remove a rusted part or keep a product lubed so it can be used without any problems.

Mega Power #120

Mega Power #120 is a product designed to break down rust, stop squeaks and lubricate parts. According to the website Auto Tune Up and Repair Options, "One can of 120 is better than 10 cans of WD 40." This product has many benefits to offer those who have items that have been affected by rust building up over time. Mega Power #120 will work for those who are looking for an efficient way to clean their gun and get better performance. It will also lubricate items you can not use oil-based products on.

PB Blaster

PB Blaster is a product made to soak into parts that have been sealed together by rust. If you use PB Blaster, you will notice how this product works to remove even the oldest rust. The website Jeep Fan listed PB Blaster as the best penetrating fluid to remove rust. After applying PB Blaster, you will have to let it soak into the item before trying to break the rust seal. If it has affected a car part, you can use a torch to heat the fluid once it has been applied to help break the seal.


Rustierizer is a product that will work best for those who have rusted parts they want to restore. This cleaner is a penetrating spray that has been designed to assist in breaking the rust seal on car parts like bolts and suspension. According to the website My Rust Removal, "Rusterizer is a pH neutral rust remover that requires simply spraying the liquid solution and literally watching the rust become neutralized." This product will also work as lubrication to keep parts working to the best of their ability after the rust is removed.

Rustco Liquid

Rustco Liquid is a corrosion removal product that can be used on car parts and also on household objects. This product works to break the seal on items that have been rusted together because of exposure to moisture. Rustco Liquid is listed as one of the best penetrating rust removal sprays in an article written for the website Classics and Performance. This penetrating spray has been used by major corporations because of its ability to work efficiently and also because it is made with chemicals that are not harmful to the environment.