How to Clean a Commercial Smoke Eater

Louis Gutierrez

Smoke eaters are air purifiers used to remove cigarette and cigar smoke. Smoke eaters are most commonly used in commercial buildings including restaurants, bars, night clubs, bingo halls, and casinos.

Only smoke eaters can remove cigarette smoke from the air.

These commercial buildings tend to have many smokers filling up the air with cigarette or cigar smoke creating an unpleasant experience for non-smokers. To ensure a smoke eater is working in top condition cleaning the air, you must clean the smoke eater cells.

  1. Read the manual from the smoke eater to know how to remove the smoke eater cells. Remove the cells from the smoke filter. The cells are made from aluminum and look like filters. You will most likely need the screwdriver to remove the cover on the smoke eater.

  2. Mix the detergent with water in the spray bottle in a one part detergent to four parts water ratio. Use only detergent that is safe to use on aluminum.

  3. Spray the cells thoroughly with the detergent solution. Let the detergent solution soak in for at least five minutes.

  4. Rinse the cells with the garden hose. Let the cells air dry for at least an hour before replacing them into the smoke eater.

  5. Tip

    For optimal performance, you should clean the cells every two to four weeks.