Griha Pravesh Decoration Ideas

Samantha Kemp

Griha Pravesh is a Hindu house-warming celebration that commonly occurs after a wedding. A lot of preparation is necessary before the important event, and specific decorations are traditional and expected.

Griha Pravesh incorporates Indian culture into the decor.

In addition to making the interior of the home festive, you must also add certain decorations to the exterior of the home.

Copper Pot

It is customary to include a copper pot as part of the Griha Pravesh ceremony decorations. The ritual involving the copper pot occurs before entry into the home. Cover a coconut with red cloth and tie the cloth to the coconut with red thread. Fill the pot with water, nine types of grains and a rupee coin. Top with the decorated coconut. The new bride will kick the pot over in a tradition that symbolizes future prosperity.


Tradition requires that specific decorations be added to the exterior of the home. Shutters must be attached to doors and the roof must be covered. Thread must be wrapped around the house three times. After digging a pit in the southeast corner of the property line, you must place a decorative box inside of it. The box should be made of brick and hold moss, corn and flowers. It should be lowered into the pit and then covered with dirt. The front door needs attention and should be decorated by the new owner in his preferred style. Another option is to decorate the door with an Indian wall-hanging called a Toran and a photo of the Hindu god Ganesh.


An altar or stage should be erected in the main living space. The altar should be placed against the wall, and if you have a photo or statue of Ganesh, it should be facing east or west. Five elements should be placed on the altar as offerings, including incense, flowers, milk and a bell. It is also customary to add food as part of the decoration. Some food examples include Samai, an Indian vegetarian dish, or Panchamrut, a mixture of milk, butter, honey and sugar. Coconuts are also commonly placed on the altar.

Other Decorations

Add other items in the celebration room to complete the scene. Flowers, lights and incense are appropriate decorations. Rangoli, Indian decorative folk art, can also be strategically placed around the room.