Urinal Installation Instructions

Alexander Callos

Urinals are found in many men's public restrooms. They attach directly to the wall and are a space saver in any restroom. Some people have urinals installed in their own house.

Urinals install directly to the wall.

Installing a urinal in a house is no different than installing it in a public restroom and can be the first step in creating a bathroom in your home designed specifically for men.

  1. Hold the urinal up to a specific location on the wall and have a partner mark where it will be installed. Find a location where the bottom of the urinal will line up to the drain on the wall. Draw a pencil mark at the top and bottom location of the urinal. Turn off the water supply to the facility.

  2. Pre-drill two equally spaced 1/4-inch holes with a power drill near the top of the urinal location. Space the holes equally behind where the urinal will be installed. Slide two screws through the hangers and drill the screws into the wall. Set a level between the hangers and verify they are square and plumb.

  3. Apply thread sealant tape to the pipe threads on the drain and install a female collar to the drain. Tighten the threaded collar in place over the drain by hand. Slide the gasket onto the collar with the beveled end facing away from the collar.

  4. Position the urinal carefully on the wall hangers and secure the urinal to the collar using the washers and bolts provided with the urinal. Tighten them down into place with an adjustable wrench. Verify the urinal is secure in place.

  5. Attach the flush valve at the top of the urinal with a 1-inch angle screwdriver. Tighten it down firmly into place and turn the water supply back on. Flush the toilet and check for leaks and proper drainage throughout the urinal.