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How to Install a Vessel Sink Into a Granite Countertop

Sarabeth Asaff

Regardless of whether a bathroom design is contemporary or rustic in style, two things that can set the space apart are a vessel sink and a granite countertop. These are sinks of any shape, style or material that sit on top of the counter rather than below or in it. The entire bottom of the sink rests on the granite, or the opening fits around the sink drain.

A vessel sink sits on top of the counter.
  1. Clean the granite countertop around the drain hole cutout and any other area where the sink will be making contact with a granite cleaner. Spray the cleaner directly on the stone and buff it dry with an absorbent cloth.

  2. Place the vessel sink onto the counter and line it up with the drain cutout. Check to see how much of the sink will be in contact with the granite, and find the exact position you want the sink to be in. Remove the sink and set it aside.

  3. Squeeze the tube of silicone adhesive directly onto the granite around the drain cutout. If the sink will be making contact with the granite in other areas, apply additional adhesive to those parts.

  4. Lift the sink back into place and settle it onto the granite. Line it up with the drain cutout. Let the adhesive harden overnight.

  5. Drop the tail end of the drain through the top of the sink. Tighten the tail below the granite counter while holding the sink in place. Attach the drain tail to the waste pipe.