Bed Size Based on Room Size

Choosing a bed size involves a number of factors; by weighing each factor, you can make the right choice for your room and lifestyle. Along with room size, there are several associated things to consider.

Allow space for movement around your bed.

By carefully analyzing your bedroom situation and assessing the available space, you can ensure that your bed will be usable without affecting the functionality of the room.

Traffic Pattern

The size of the bed will affect the traffic pattern in your bedroom; too large, and it will be difficult to move around it. When considering bed size, ensure that there will be adequate space around both sides of the bed so both occupants can get up and out easily. In a very small room, you may need to sacrifice the amount of space and instead plan to get off at the foot of the bed. As a general rule of thumb, aim for about 2 feet on either side of the bed. Do not allow the bed to block the door or obstruct access to the bedroom closet.


When choosing a bed size, consider the other pieces of furniture that will be in the bedroom. You must be able to fit the bed into the space without impeding the function of the furniture. It must not prevent you from opening closet doors or pulling out drawers in a dresser. If bedside tables and lamps are important to you, leave enough room on either side for them. Other furniture items to consider are chairs, a bench at the foot of the bed or exercise equipment you have in your room.


The size of your room combined with the number of occupants also will affect the size of the bed you choose. Consider the number of people, their size and sleeping habits. If you have two people in a small room, you may need to go with a double bed instead of a king so that you can still move around easily. If one or both of the people are on the larger side or move a lot while sleeping, the extra bed space may be more important.

Doorways and Halls

Even if you have the space in your room to fit a very large bed, you will need to consider how it will get in. Measure the height of the doors and halls leading to the bedroom; if you cannot fit the bed in the front door, it doesn't matter how much space you have in the bedroom. Consider also the box spring, which cannot bend like the mattress.