How Do Mattresses Stay Put on Platform Beds?

Kate McFarlin

A platform bed has a different kind of bed frame that typically is characterized by sitting low to the ground and having a firm surface upon which to put a mattress. This type of bed frame requires just a mattress without a box spring. Without the right supports, a mattress can slide off this type of frame.

Platform beds do not require a box spring.

Mattress Weight

Many platform beds do not have external catches for the mattress. These designs rely on the mattress weight to hold the mattress in place. This works well in most cases, but if you energetically get out of bed or bump the mattress with your leg, you may move it out of place. Shifting typically is only a few inches.

Wooden Blocks

Wooden blocks may be used to help hold a mattress in place. Small blocks usually are attached at the foot and head of the platform. Blocks also may be placed on the sides. Some designs feature small metal plates that perform the same purpose. If your platform bed has these, make sure you properly install the mattress, or the block or metal plate may rip it.


A less common design to hold a mattress in place on a platform bed is webbed straps. These straps may be located at the head and the foot of the bed, and are pulled over the mattress before the mattress pad or sheets are put on. The straps generally do a satisfactory job of holding the mattress in place, but they may be irritating under the sheets if the straps are too thick.

Fixing a Platform Bed

If your platform bed does not have a way to keep your mattress in place and you find it shifting on you, you easily can fix this problem. Take two small pieces of wood, paint them to match the bed, and nail them at the foot and head of the bed. This should help keep the mattress in place. Other solutions include taking more care when getting out of bed to not move the mattress out of place.