How Can I Get Ink Out of a Tie?

Amanda Flanigan

Since ties are typically worn during times of business when the pen is a common tool, it is not unusual for ink to come into contact with the tie. Ink is a difficult stain to remove from a tie. It is best to remove the ink as soon as possible.

Ties come in various shapes, sizes, designs and materials.

No matter what the material of the tie is, removal is the same unless the tie in question is silk.

  1. Lay the tie on the flat surface. Keep the ink facing the ceiling and place a towel directly under the area of the tie with the ink on it.

  2. Add several drops of dry-cleaning solvent to a clean cloth and blot the tie until the ink stops bleeding.

  3. Hold the tie under cool, running water for several seconds to wash off the excess ink and dry-cleaning solvent.

  4. Lay the tie on a flat surface and pat the ink stain with a cloth dampened in rubbing alcohol. Continue patting for several seconds.

  5. Allow the tie to air-dry. Launder as you normally would.

  6. Warning

    According to Tie-A-Tie, you should not attempt to remove ink from silk ties; instead, consult your local dry-cleaner.