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How to Adjust the Float on a Stylus Cistern

Nicole Fotheringham

If your Stylus brand toilet is not flushing properly, your water levels may be too low. Adjust the float level to increase the amount of water in the cistern. The cistern is the large white tank above the toilet which holds the water utilized during flushing.

Adjust your toilet float to change the water level in your cistern.

Stylus has been around for over 20 years and makes a large range of bathroom products. The company has a wide selection of toilet units. There have been many models over the years and the mechanism in the cisterns have improved as technology has advanced. Depending on the model you own, there are several ways to adjust the level of the float in your cistern.

  1. Remove the lid of your Stylus cistern by gripping it firmly on both sides and lifting up. Place it gently down on the bathroom mat where it won't get scratched or damaged. The Tasman, Symphony and Prima ranges of Sylus toilets have plastic lids that are easier to handle and much lighter to lift. The Venecia has a porcelain lid, which will be heavier.

  2. Locate the float in your Stylus toilet cistern and follow the arm up to the valve. If there is a lock nut or lock screw in a hinge between the valve and the arm, loosen the nut or screw, adjust the hinge and tighten the nut or screw. Adjust the hinge until the float is about 1/2 inch from the overflow outlet.

  3. Examine the area near the valve. If there is a lock nut and screw, but no hinge, remove the lock nut and adjust the screw until the float is about 1/2 inch from the overflow outlet. Tighten the lock nut.

  4. Bend the rod that connects the valve to the ball if no hinge or screw enables adjustment. This is only found on the older models. Place one hand next to the valve and the other next to the ball. Keep the hand next to the valve still while you bend the rod with the hand near the ball. Bend the rod until the float is 1/2 inch from the overflow outlet.

  5. Replace the cistern lid and flush your Stylus toilet to check water levels.