How to Adjust Anti-Siphon Fill Valves

Anti-siphon fill valves prevent the back flow of water through pipes, such as the one on toilets or large storage tanks.

Adjustable Clip Valve

Adjust the fill valve based on the amount of tank water.
The valve has an automatic shutoff mechanism to determine when to close off the pipe to stop the reverse travel of water. When adjusting the tank's water fill level, you will have to adjust the anti-siphon fill valve so it operates properly to close off the water line. .

Step 1

Locate the anti-siphon fill valve. Remove the tank lid off the back of the toilet to reach this valve.

Step 2

Check the style of anti-siphon fill valve you have. Adjust the clips on the metal rod attached to the main pipe valve by squeezing the spring clip.

Step 3

Slide the float up when the water is at a high level or down when you want to conserve more water at a lower level.

Float Ball Valve

Step 1

Adjust the armature by loosening the screw. Move the armature up or down to shorten or lengthen the distance of the float ball to the water. Short distances allow for a higher level of water. Tighten the screw.

Step 2

Remove the armature to adjust it if you cannot move the screw. Unhook the armature from the valve.

Step 3

Bend the metal armature to raise or lower the float ball. Reattach the bent armature to the valve.

Things You Will Need

  • Screwdriver

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