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Can Stainless Steel Appliances Be Cleaned With a Steam Cleaner?

Natalie Lyda

Stainless steel appliances bring a classy look to any kitchen. However, their smooth surface shows fingerprints and smudges far faster than appliances constructed from textured materials.

Stainless steel requires regular cleaning to reduce the appearance of smudges.

To remove marks and grime from stainless steel appliances, you can utilize traditional methods, such as the use of a vinegar and water solution, or sanitize and clean simultaneously by using a steam cleaner.

Use the Right Attachment

Steam cleaners may come with a variety of attachments including brushes and nozzle-like heads. Avoid using brush attachments while using a steam cleaner on stainless steel appliances to reduce the risk of scratching. Instead, utilize a nozzle tip to direct the flow of steam to where its cleaning power is needed, and do the scrubbing work with a rag.

Avoid Abrasive Cleaning Aids

Brushes, rigid sponges and other cleaning aids made from an abrasive or stiff material should not be used on stainless steel appliances. Let the steam do the work of breaking down grease, stuck-on food or smudges instead of scrubbing with an abrasive tool. The rigid fibers may permanently scratch your appliance and reduce that special stainless steel sheen.

Use a Lint-Free Cloth

Follow behind the steam cleaner with a clean, lint-free cloth to apply any required elbow grease for grime removal, and to wipe off the excess moisture. Make a final pass over the appliance, rubbing the cloth in the direction of the grain of the stainless steel to produce maximum shine in your finished product.

Work in Sections

Complete work in one small section while using the steam cleaner before moving onto the next section. By completing one area, you will avoid water stains or smears caused by leftover moisture from the steam. Also, take advantage of small nozzle tips to remove grime and sanitize any hard-to-reach places, like along refrigerator handles where sponges and towels can’t reach.