How Do I Remove the Residue Left by Spray-On Snow?

Jeffery Keilholtz

Removing stains caused by spray-on snow will restore the original characteristics of your windows and other hard surfaces. Spray-on snow often serves as a decorative tool during the winter holidays. Users shake the spray-on snow can and apply the chemical to windows, mirrors and wreathes.

Spray-on snow boosts the aesthetic appeal of decorations.

The result is a powdery substance with a tacky hold that resembles snow. Spray-on snow can often leave a milky white tacky substance once you have removed the bulk of it. Getting rid of the residue is effortless with the help of several household items.

  1. Brush spray-on snow off of surfaces and decorations with a broom. Vacuum the spray-on snow debris. Attach a prefabricated suction nozzle — one that accompanies your vacuum cleaner set — to the vacuum hose. Hold the nozzle flush against wreath branches, for example, to remove left over spray-on snow residue.

  2. Fold a clean paper towel into a small, compact square. Soak the paper towel with 1 tbsp. of glass-surface cleaner. Rub the soaked paper towel against stained windows or mirrors. Rub the paper towel in circles with medium pressure for 30 seconds. Repeat until you have removed all stains.

  3. Add 2 tbsp. of mild liquid dish soap to a 5-gallon bucket of hot water. Pour 1 cup of the soapy water onto any hard surfaces — a concrete patio, for example — stained with spray-on snow. Submerge a synthetic-bristle hand brush into the soapy water. Rub the soaked brush back and forth on the hard surface for 15 seconds. Repeat rubbing until you have removed the stain.