How to Make an Additional Closet in Your Bedroom

When you need an extra bedroom closet but remodeling your home is not an option, there are ways to add usable space without sacrificing the integrity of the structure.

Add a wooden wardrobe to make another closet in the bedroom.

When you create an extra closet using a wardrobe or a wall-mounted clothing rack, you can remove it easily should you decide to redesign your bedroom or move from your home.

Add a Wardrobe

  1. Measure the length, width and height of the bedroom to decide on the right size for the additional closet. Account for walking space and the existing furniture in the bedroom.

  2. Locate the wall studs with an electric wall stud finder. Plan to place the wardrobe between two studs to secure it to the wall.

  3. Place a wardrobe with a 2-foot depth in the room. You can find wardrobes in a number of materials to match your bedroom decor, including natural wood, metal and wood finish.

  4. Secure the wardrobe to the wall using wall brackets and screws. This adds a measure of safety should you place anything on a top shelf that alters the weight of the closet.

Wall-Mounted Clothing Rack

  1. Decide which wall to mount the clothing rack on. Clear the space around it to make installation easier.

  2. Find the wall studs with a stud finder and mark the wall. You need to mount the clothing rack to a wall stud to support the weight of the clothing.

  3. Decide how high to install the rack. Mark spots on the wall where you will mount the brackets.

  4. Mount the wall brackets into the wall studs. Secure the screws tightly with an electric drill. Attach the rod to the bracket arms.

  5. Install three curved ceiling hooks above the clothing rack. Place a thin shower curtain rod on the hooks and attach a decorative cloth shower curtain.

  6. Tip

    Obtain a wardrobe with sliding doors for rooms with limited space.