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How to Get Perfume Out of Carpet

Kaye Wagner

Perfume makes your skin smell fragrant, but spilling it on your carpet can inundate your home with a very strong and pungent odor. Some perfume also contains dyes that can stain your carpet. Thus, when cleaning perfume stains, use a solution that will remove the color and another solution that will remove the odor.

Avoid perfume stains by storing perfume properly.

Prevent spills in the first place by keeping your perfume bottle tightly capped and out of the reach of curious children.

  1. Mix 1/4 tsp. of liquid dish soap with 1 cup of lukewarm water. If possible, use liquid dish soap that doesn’t contain bleach, dyes or any fragrances, as these will leave a strong residue on the carpet. Also, don’t use dishwasher or laundry detergent.

  2. Rub the soapy water over the perfume-covered carpet fibers with a clean cloth until the stain is completely gone.

  3. Mix 1 tbsp. of ammonia with 1 cup of lukewarm water if the stain still persists.

  4. Blot the ammonia solution over the stain until the stain is gone. Always test this process first, as ammonia can take the color out of some types of carpet fibers.

  5. Fill a spray bottle with water, and mist it over the stained area. This will help rinse the excess cleaning solution from the formerly stained area. Blot the water from the carpet, and continue spraying and blotting to rinse the carpet completely without soaking it too much.

  6. Mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 2 cups of water.

  7. Blot the white vinegar solution over the perfume stain. White vinegar is a mild acid that will naturally neutralize odors.

  8. Tip

    Never pour any solution directly on the carpet, as this can wear out the fibers, backing and the adhesive that holds those fibers to the backing.