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How to Get Hairspray Off Suede

Brandon Getty

When you're rushing to finish your hair and get out the door, sometimes you can go a little overboard on the styling products. If you accidentally drenched the shoulder of a suede jacket with hairspray, you'll need to act quickly to remove the stain before it becomes set within the nap.

Wait until after you're done styling to put on your suede garment.

After cleaning away most of the hairspray, you can restore the suede's supple texture with a vigorous brushing.

  1. Make a mixture of warm water and several drops of mild liquid detergent. Stir until the water becomes sudsy.

  2. Saturate the microfiber cloth with the solution and squeeze out the excess. Dab the hairspray stain repeatedly, using more of the solution, as needed. If you can no longer detect the scent of the hairspray on the suede, the stain has been successfully lifted.

  3. Allow the suede to air dry completely.

  4. Brush the area with a soft bristled brush. Use light pressure and quick back and forth sweeps to recondition the suede.

  5. Tip

    Don your suede garments after you have finished using your hairspray to avoid future stains.


    Avoid using abrasive cleaning products or saddle soap to lift the hairspray stain, as these may cause permanent damage.