How to Build a TV Base

Alexander Callos

A good TV base (also known as a TV stand) is essential to ensure your TV sits upright and at eye level for all viewers. You can build your own TV base out of a few pieces of scrap wood.

  1. Run a tape measure along the length and width of your television and record the measurements. This will help determine exactly what size the base is going to be. Set a 4-foot by 8-foot sheet of 3/4-inch sanded plywood down on two sawhorses so the weight is evenly distributed to both.

  2. Mark your dimensions on the sheet of plywood. Line up the blade of a circular saw to those measurements. Run the blade of the saw along the marks and cut the plywood to size.

  3. Determine how tall you want the base to be. Most bases for televisions are less than 2 feet off the ground. Measure and mark 4-foot by 4-foot posts at the desired height you want the base to be. These posts will act as the legs of the TV base.

  4. Cut the leg pieces to size with a circular saw just like you cut the plywood. Position them on the ground so they are standing up and at the desired location where the TV will go. Set the sheet of plywood directly on top and move the legs around so each leg is at one corner of the plywood.

  5. Insert drywall screws through the top of the plywood and into the post underneath with a power drill. Drill two 2-inch screws into each post and cover all of the screw holes with a dab of wood putty. Let the putty dry for one hour and set the TV directly on top in the center of the plywood base.

  6. Tip

    You can stain or paint your TV base if you want.

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