How to Attach Top to Bottom on Bunk Beds

Kimberly Johnson

Bunk beds save space in smaller rooms and are useful both for children and in college dorm rooms which are typically tiny. The beds come in a wide variety of styles, but the most basic designs consist of two twin beds stacked on top of each other. Placing one bed on top of the other is not complex.

Bunk beds save space in a room.

However, you must ensure that the fastening devices are secure so the beds do not separate if they are jarred or rocked.

  1. Assemble the top and the bottom of the bunk beds completely using the manufacturer's instructions. When properly assembled, you will have two complete twin beds.

  2. Look at the top of the four corner posts of each bed and find the bed that has holes in the tops of the posts. This is the base of the bunk bed, so place it in the area of the room where you want the bed. Move the other bed directly beside it so they are parallel.

  3. Find the four wooden or metal dowels that were supplied with the beds and insert one into each of the holes on the base bed. Tap the top of each dowel firmly with a hammer or a mallet until it will go no farther.

  4. Position yourself at the head of the top bed and have another person take up a position at the foot of the top bed. Lift the bed simultaneously and raise it above the base bed. Align each of the four corner posts so the legs of the top bed fit over the dowels on the lower bed.

  5. Pull downward firmly on both the head and foot of the bed once the dowels are in place. When the top bed is properly positioned, there should be no gap in the area where the two beds meet.

  6. Look at the inside or outside edge of each of the upper bed legs to see whether there are screw holes where the dowels are. If so, insert the provided screws using a screwdriver until each screw is tight. Not all bunk beds have screws.