Do it Yourself Retractable Reel Computer Cords

Will Milner

Loose computer cables can be a real menace. Not only can they get knotted up and be nuisance to undo, but they are also a potential trip hazard that can bring you and your computer crashing to the ground. One way to avoid this is to build a retracting reel that will let you spool and unspool the cable with ease.

Keep cables tidy with a retractable reel.
  1. Mount the kitchen roll holder to the side of your desk with screws. Drill a hole through the lid and bottom of the can just large enough to fit the axle of the kitchen roll holder through. Fasten four screws into the side of the can. Position around the circumference of the can around the base, positioned equidistant from each other.

  2. Slide the axle through the holes in the can and position the can in the center. Fit the axle to the holder. Fasten a screw through the end of the rubber band into the kitchen roll holder above the lid end of the can. Attach another screw through the other end of the rubber band into the can below the first screw.

  3. Screw the window latch to the kitchen paper holder above the base of the can. Make sure you can hook it to the screw positioned around the base of the can. This can stop the cable from winding when you do not want it to.

  4. Twist your cable a few times around the can then wind it by rotating the can. The rubber band will wind around the can in the opposite direction. Slip the latch over one of the four screws to hold it in place. Unhook it and pull when you want to extend the cable then hook the latch back in place to keep it there.