What Kind of Deglosser Can You Use for Cabinets?

After the gloss on your cabinets begin to dull, the eroded finish can become an eyesore and maybe even deter you from inviting guests into the room with the worn cabinetry. If you want to restore your cabinets' luster, you can use a sander to mechanically de-gloss your cabinets.

Strip off the faded gloss from your cabinets with liquid deglosser.

However, a quality liquid deglosser can help you remove the gloss from your cabinets without the worry of sanding too deeply or unevenly.

  1. Maximize your room's ventilation. Open windows and doors so that your deglosser doesn't build up into the atmosphere of the room where you'll be working. Place fans by doorways to blow the fumes out.

  2. Put on chemical splash goggles, rubber gloves and a respirator to protect yourself from the deglossser. Shake your deglosser container vigorously so that it deglosses your cabinets evenly.

  3. Open the deglosser container, and then pour the liquid onto a piece of terry cloth. Don't over-saturate the cloth to the point that it drips steadily onto the floor.

  4. Scrub away your cabinet's old gloss, using the deglosser soaked cloth. Work the old gloss out by scrubbing in circular motions. Re-saturate the cloth as needed until you've removed the old gloss.

  5. Allow your cabinets to dry, and then apply a new coat of gloss.