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How to Make a Hidden Compartment in a Kitchen Cabinet

Victoria Bailey

Leaving valuables out in plain sight can be an invitation to theft. Solve this problem by making a hidden compartment in your kitchen. Create a false back to any kitchen cupboard to disguise a hiding space.

Ordinary items can hide a secret compartment.

The inside shelf area will look exactly the same, but you'll have a hidden compartment behind the back wall large enough for money, jewelry or valuable papers.

  1. Measure the inside width and height of the cupboard area. Cut a piece of plywood in this exact size.

  2. Paint the front of the plywood piece the exact color as the inside of your kitchen cupboard. If you can't find matching paint, paint the plywood and the inside of the cupboard in the same paint so they match.

  3. Glue a washer on the back of the plywood piece near each corner. Glue four washers on top of each corner washer, creating a stack of five washers glued in each corner.

  4. Glue four building blocks to the back wall of the cupboard. Place each block in the middle of one edge of the space. You'll have one in the middle of the top edge, one in the middle of the bottom edge and blocks in the middle of the right and left edges.

  5. Place your money and valuables into zip-top bags and close the bags. Place the bags against the back wall in the cupboard. Hang them in place by sticking a push pin through each bag and pinning it to the wall in back. Push the painted plywood piece against the back wall. The building blocks will stop the plywood from reaching the back, creating a 2-inch space hidden at the back of the cupboard.

  6. Remove the plywood piece when you want to retrieve your valuables by placing strong magnets against the corners of the plywood. The magnets will attract the washers and hang on to the board when you pull it away from the back wall.