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How to Install a MAAX Bathtub

Richard Hoyt

Leave the freestanding MAXX Origin bathtub upside down in its packaging until you are ready to install it on the wooden support. Do not allow the bathtub to rest freely on the short metal legs or projections on the bottom. The tub is designed to be installed on a wooden support.

Installing a basic model MAXX bathtub is not difficult, although beyond the capabilities of a golden retriever.

The template that comes with the tub will give you the proper spacing for the basic tub components.

Mark the Template

  1. Spread the template on a level bathroom floor. This shows you the correct position for the metal “legs” that secure the wooden support for the tub. The "legs" are round male projections with a corrugated exterior that sit on a flat, round base that has screw holes around the edge. The wooden support for the tub has female recessions that sit on these legs.

  2. Tape the template to the floor so it won’t move. Make sure you leave space at the back of the tub for the shelf and faucet.

  3. Drill the drain hole at the place marked on the template with a 2 1/4-inch cutter drill bit.

  4. Punch holes through the template, and use a pencil to mark the spots for the four metal legs.

Attach the Support

  1. Remove the template and screw the four metal legs into place using eight 1¼-inch screws on the plate that secures each leg.

  2. Level the legs. The small tube spacers fit over the legs. The levelers sit on top of the spacers. Place your level on top of the levelers, and screw or unscrew them as necessary until the legs are level. Level the tub diagonally as well as side-to-side and end-to-end.

  3. Lay the central support or beam onto the left and right support. The side supports are higher in the rear. The central support must fit into the notches of the left and right supports. Use your Allen key to attach the central support at both ends with 10mm hex head bolts.

  4. Use the Allen key and screws to attach the shelf onto the high rear part the supports. This shelf has the faucet in the middle and provides room for soap, shampoo and other bathing accessories on either side.

  5. Lower the completed wooden support onto the metal legs you screwed onto the floor. The support has holes that fit onto corresponding legs.

Install the Tub

  1. Screw nuts onto the metal legs on the bottom of the bathtub to keep the spacers positioned correctly. The metal legs on the tub look similar to the legs on the floor that supported the wooden supports. These spacers are similar to those that fit onto the floor legs.

  2. Lower the bathtub gently onto the wooden base. One person should guide the tub’s metal legs into the corresponding holes on the side supports while two people lower the tub. There are two holes on each side support, one on each side of the central support. Make sure the drain tail slides into the hole you drilled for the drain.

  3. Adjust the bathtub height by screwing or unscrewing nuts at the top of the metal bathtub legs.

  4. Position the hex head screws in the holes on the inside of the side supports. These holes face the metal legs that you just lowered in place. Tighten with an Allen key.

  5. Attach your plumbing to the tub for your faucet. Make sure the drain is vertical.