How to Build a Cover for a Balcony

Amanda Flanigan

Balconies provide a place to entertain guests or relax after a hard day's work. But if the balcony is not covered, you leave yourself susceptible to harmful UV rays and rain. Manufactured balcony covers -- sometimes called awnings -- can be overpriced.

Balcony covers can range in size and design.

Instead, create your own balcony cover using inexpensive items available at home-improvement centers and craft stores.

  1. Measure the side of the house above the balcony where the awning will be installed. Measure how far you want the awning to protrude from the side of the house with a tape measure. Measure from the floor of the balcony with how high the awning will be.

  2. Create two marks on the side of the house according to the measurements taken. These marks will represent where the awning will begin and end.

  3. Add an additional 6 to 8 inches to the measurement of the awning's desired length. Cut the weather-resistant outdoor canvas according to this measurement. Prevent the ends of the canvas from fraying by sewing a hem around the edges with a sewing machine.

  4. Lay the canvas out flat on a clean surface. Attach one grommet to each corner of the canvas with a grommet setter. Use a power drill to make pilot holes where you marked the side of house. The pilot holes must match up with the grommets installed in the fabric.

  5. Press a screw hook into the pilot hole, turning clockwise until the hook is flush against the house. Repeat the process for the second pilot hole.

  6. Slip a key ring onto each grommet that will attach to the house. Hook the key rings onto the screw hooks.

  7. Add an eye screw to the top of each support pole. Use support poles that are the same height as the screw hooks in the house's wall. Position two buckets out from the house so they correspond with the remaining grommets.

  8. Insert the support poles into the middle of a bucket. Add gravel to the bucket until it is full. The gravel will help support the pole. Repeat the process for the second support pole.

  9. Use a piece of 2-foot-long rope to thread through the grommet. Use rope that is thin enough to slip to thread through the grommet. Repeat the process for the second grommet.

  10. Stretch the canvas out carefully and tie each rope threaded through the grommet to the corresponding eye screw.