Football Field Table Runner

Impress your friends next game night with a sporty table runner that mimics the playing field.

Football Table Runner


    Paint Yard Lines
  1. Use a large piece of cardboard with a straight edge to guide your brush as you carefully paint a vertical line across the center of the runner. Move the cardboard to the left 5.5'' and paint another line. Repeat, painting three more lines on the left. Flip cardboard over and paint four white lines to the right of the first line, each 5.5'' apart.

  2. Paint Numbers
  3. Lay string across the runner 3'' from the bottom as a guide to keep your numbers even. Paint numbers on the yard lines beginning with "50" on the center line, then "40", "30", "20" and "10" on each side of the "50". The yard lines should dissect the left and right digits of each number.

  4. Add Hash Marks
  5. Move the string to the center of the runner and paint 4 short lines (hash marks) between each yard line, above and below the string.

  6. Cut Footballs
  7. Cut two, 15'' wide football shapes each from the interfacing and faux leather. It may be helpful to practice cutting your shape out of paper then trace it onto interfacing.

  8. Paint White Stripes
  9. Use the cardboard piece, paint a 1'' white stripe onto each end of the faux leather footballs, about 2'' from the pointed ends.

  10. Paint Stitches
  11. Paint a 6'' horizontal line in the center of each football, then add 1.5'' vertical lines.

  12. Glue and Trim
  13. Hot glue faux leather footballs to the interfacing footballs and trim edges if necessary.

  14. Glue Footballs to Runner
  15. Glue footballs to the ends of the runner, matching the points of the footballs to the corners of the runner.

  16. Present
  17. Place on the table and add snacks. Game on!