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How to Clean a New Construction Home

Christine Cam

The final part of the construction process is the cleanup prior to move-in. Removing dust is the key: It collects nto every crevice of the home. The final cleanup also gives the builder an objective opinion of any problem areas that need addressing prior to move-in.

How to Clean a New Construction Home

Cleaning newly constructed homes is a lucrative business for an individual or team.

  1. Meet with the homeowner or builder to understand exactly what the job entails. Get every detail so no return visit is necessary.

  2. Gather all cleaning supplies inside the garage of the new home. Mix a half-gallon of water into a large bucket and add 2 caps of bleach.

  3. Remove your shoes and use any foot protection offered by the home builder before entering. Bring only the supplies necessary for the room you are working in.

  4. Tour every room to be cleaned. Make notes of areas in need of extra work and plan the time accordingly. Report any major damage to the homeowner or builder immediately.

  5. Clean the entry area inside and out so no one tracks anything into the new home. Sweep and mop all floors and spread newspapers or sheets for shoes and cleaning supplies.

  6. Wipe down counters and cupboards with a dry duster to remove sawdust. Start at the ceiling in every room and dust the top and sides of everything. Dust all window sills and ledges on molding. Remember the back of ceiling fan blades and tall appliances.

  7. Vacuum the entire area to be cleaned. Use hose attachments to get into every corner and crevice of the floor. Open all drawers and vacuum out dust. Use a dry dust mop for hardwood and linoleum floors.

  8. Take the vacuum outside and remove the dust-filled bag. Replace with a new bag for final sweeping.

  9. Bring in the bucket of bleach water, paper towels and a sponge for the final cleaning process. Dunk the sponge and wring out until just damp. Place the bucket on newspapers on a solid floor surface.

  10. Start at the ceiling of each room and wipe down everything with the damp sponge. Remove any protective coverings from appliances and wipe down inside and out.

  11. Use rubbing alcohol and paper towels to shine all chrome-plated fixtures. Spray and wipe all mirrors with rubbing alcohol. Use a blackboard eraser to remove streaks.

  12. Wipe out sinks and around any newly caulked areas. Report any areas of loose caulk to the builder.

  13. Remove all cleaning materials from the newly constructed home. Use the hose attachment to go into corners and crevices again.

  14. Tip

    Get bonded through a reputable insurance company to protect yourself and the homeowner against any damage that occurs. A chalkboard eraser removes streaks on chrome appliances, fixtures, mirrors and windows. To reduce traffic in the home, place a note on the outside of the entry door to inform all that final cleaning is taking place.


    Never use harsh cleaners or abrasives on any surfaces in a new home without express instructions from the builder. Report any spills, stains or damage to the home immediately.