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How to Do Post-Construction Cleaning

Usha Dadighat

Before you can move into a newly constructed house, you have to give the house one final post-construction cleaning. This will remove any dirt or debris left from the construction process and leave the house ready to move into or list for sale on the market.

Post-Construction Cleaning

Give your house a thorough cleaning after construction.
  1. Remove any trash, debris or leftover construction materials. Throw away anything that you cannot reuse. Rent a construction dumpster if needed.

  2. Vacuum every surface in the house to remove dust left from the various installation processes.

  3. Wipe down all surfaces, including cabinets, counters, appliances, ceiling fans, doors, shelves, window trim and sills and mirrors with an antibacterial cleaner. Remove any smudges or dust left after vacuuming.

  4. Use an air purifier throughout the house to remove any airborne dust particles, bacteria or mold spores stirred up by the construction process.

  5. Clean the HVAC duct and vents to remove any dust or other particles that have circulated through the system during construction. Allow the system to run with the newly purified air.

  6. Clean all windows and remove any labels or stickers with rubbing alcohol.

  7. Sweep and mop any hardwood or tile floors and use a carpet cleaner on any carpets.

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