Mechanical Maintenance Tools

Horacio Garcia

Working on the mechanics of a machine requires experience, training and the right tools. Most mechanical maintenance requires hand tools, but you may also have to use torquing devices, special flaring tools and other specialized tools. Mechanical maintenance technicians cannot perform their jobs without these tools.

Torque Tools

One of the most important tools used by a mechanical maintenance technician is a torque tool. Each bolt and nut on a machine has certain torque requirements. Torque is the amount of pressure or tightness placed on the bolt or nut. The torque tool is similar to a ratchet wrench, which holds a socket that allows you to tighten nuts and bolts. Once the nut or bolt begins to tighten down, the torque tool measures the amount of pressure or tightness of the nut or bolt.

Fluted Roller Wrenches

A fluted roller wrench is a mechanical maintenance tool used to cut conduit. Conduit is used on a mechanical machine to surround the electrical wires that run the motors. The roller wrench allows you to cut this conduit by applying pressure as you roll the wrench around the pipe or conduit. The wrench has a handle on one end and a cutting tool on the other with a mouth into which you slide the conduit before cutting it.

Bearing Puller

A bearing puller is a tool used to remove a pressed-on bearing on a mechanical machine. Driveshafts, gears and any other moving parts of the machine use press-on bearings. Once a bearing requires replacement, you must use this puller to remove the bearing from the shaft or gear. The bearing puller has three legs that clamp around the bearing, along with and a center bolt that fits onto the end of the shaft. You must tighten he center bolt of the bearing puller with a wrench and slowly pull the bearing off the shaft.

Tube Expander

The tube expanding tool creates flared ends on tubing, necessary for some machines. You must push this tool down inside the end of the pipe and tighten it down to flare or expand the end. The tool looks like a long punch attached to a conical device used to flare or expand the end of the pipe.