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Allis Chalmers HD6 Specifications

Sean Russell

Allis Chalmers manufactured the HD6 tractor for light and industrial farm use between 1955 and 1965 in their Springfield, Illinois, factory. This diesel-powered farm tractor featured several specifications that made it a valuable tool for any farm, and a durable tool that is still in use by some owners today.


The engine of a tractor determines to a large extent how quickly it works as well as what kind of ground it can pull through. The HD6 was equipped with an Allis Chalmers vertical I-head engine with 4 cylinders and a displacement of 344 ci or 5.6 liters. This engine required 15 quarts of coolant, ran on diesel fuel, had a 37-gallon fuel tank capacity and needed a 24-volt starter powered by two 24-V batteries. The compression ratio on the regular engine was 15.0:1, but the turbocharged version had a compression ratio of 16.25:1. Both engines were rated at 1,800 rpm, and had a bore and stroke of 4.4375 and 5.5626 inches respectively.


The Allis Chalmers tractor was built for heavy-duty work on larger farms, and has a height of 66 inches and a length of 127 inches. This tractor weighs approximately 13,400 pounds.


Tires on an Allis Chalmers HD6 are agricultural-track tires in the front and the back.

Serial Number Location

As with many other tractors, the serial number of the HD6 tractor is located first on the housing or instrument panel, and then repeated on the steering clutch in case the housing panel number is rubbed off or scratched.


The HD6 claims to support draw-bar power of up to 39 horsepower and belt power of up to 54 horsepower. The power of this tractor may be even greater. When TractorData.com tested the tractor, they found the draw bar to display up to 50 horsepower and the belt up to 60.5 horsepower.


Because the HD6 requires a high degree of maneuverability and may require quick changes based on the terrain, it is equipped with a manual transmission. This transmission has 5 forward speeds and 1 reverse. The HD6 uses a crawler chassis.