Plasplugs Drill Sharpener Instructions

Russell Wood

Over time, drill bits get dull until eventually, they lose effectiveness. One way to solve the problem is to hone the bits using a drill bit sharpener, such as the ones made by Plasplugs. These tools put the drill bit at the correct angle to sharpen the tip properly, and can rejuvenate a dull bit.

A Plasplugs drill sharpener can make dull drill bits new again.

Using a Plasplugs drill sharpener takes just a few minutes, and then your old drill bits will be like new again.

  1. Locate the color coded blocks stored in a separate holder from the Pasplugs drill sharpener. Select the block for the angle of your drill bit. Insert the block into the rear portion of the drill bit alignment slot just to the left of the grinding disc.

  2. Install the dull drill bit into the drill bit clamp, which is a black fixture with an orange dial. Place the clamp into the same fixture as the color coded block. Push the drill bit forward until it can't go any further, then tighten the orange dial to hold the drill bit firmly to the clamp.

  3. Remove the drill bit clamp and the color coded block from the Plasplugs drill sharpener with both hands, then slide the color coded block away from the clamp.

  4. Turn on the Plasplugs drill sharpener. Slide the drill bit clamp into the slots on the front of the sharpener so that it grinds the surface of the drill bit. To grind both sides of the bit, move the fixture located in front of the drill sharpener back and forth for 10 to 20 seconds.

  5. Pull the drill bit clamp out of the slots on the front of the sharpener and flip it over. Insert it back into the sharpener and grind the other sides of the drill bit in the same manner as was done for the previous side. Turn off the sharpener and remove the bit from the drill bit clamp.