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How to Change a Fuse on a Hotpoint Stove

Monica Patrick

Electrical appliances make life easier by automating and expediting mundane tasks such as cooking. Occasionally, appliance users must perform minor maintenance on their machines to keep them in good working order. Ranges, such as the ones in the GE Hotpoint product line, don't contain fuses anymore, but some older models still do. If you have an older Hotpoint range and can't get your clock or display to work, a quick change of fuses may be the solution. It's important to verify that the product is unplugged from all electricity before handling any inner parts.

Fuses can vary in size and shape, according to the model.

Step 1

Unplug the Hotpoint range from the wall or turn off the power at the breaker box. Verify that the power is disconnected before continuing. Allow the range to cool completely if used recently.

Step 2

Remove the left rear burner by pulling it out and up. Do not grip the burner with your bare hands if the burner has been recently used. Shine the flashlight into the empty burner. Find the fuse holder.

Step 3

Pull the fuse from the fuse holder. Verify that the fuse is dead by touching the tips of the fuse with the tips of a voltmeter. If nothing registers, the fuse is broken and needs replacing.

Step 4

Pop the new fuse into place, lining the ends up in the fuse holder. Return the burner to its position. Reconnect the plug to the wall or turn on the circuit breaker. Check the display to verify that the fuse is working properly.