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How do I Troubleshoot Problems With a Delayed Ignition on a Vermont Castings Stove?

Chyrene Pendleton

Vermont Castings created the first stove model in 1975 called the Defiant I, and continues to create fireplaces and cast iron stoves for residences worldwide. Some of the Vermont Castings stoves include wood, coal stoves, direct vent and vent-free gas stoves. You may encounter problems with your Vermont Castings gas stove, such as delayed ignition, which happens when the gas does not light immediately. You may hear loud banging sounds or huffing and puffing from your stove burner when a delayed ignition exists. Troubleshooting delayed ignition problems can help keep your stove running efficiently, saving you time in service calls.

Turn the electric power to your stove off before making any adjustments.

Step 1

Turn the burner to the "Off" position in your Vermont stove and allow your heater to cool. Check the burner for debris, dust and spider webs which can block the gas flow, causing a delayed ignition problem. Lift up the front plate, remove it by swinging the bottom out, lift up the screen and move it away from the stove, and then release two upper retainer latches on the glass panel, if your stove has one, lifting it up and off the frame. Use a vacuum cleaner soft-bristled brush attachment to remove the debris and dust, then replace the glass panel, screen and front plate.

Step 2

Check the pilot light and ensure the pilot flame has the correct soft blue color with a little yellow at the flame tip, and then check the flame height. The flame must have enough pressure to extend higher than the burner ports in order to light the burner right away; otherwise, gas can build up around the burner and cause delayed ignition.

Step 3

Turn off the electric power to your stove and turn the "On/Off" switch to the "Off" position by opening the control access panel, pushing the gas control knob in and gently turning it clockwise. Inspect the pilot gas line for kinks or tight bends that can restrict the gas flow and cause delayed ignition. Straighten out the gas line bends if necessary. Turn the gas control knob in counterclockwise, turn your stove's "On/Off" switch to the "On" position and turn on your stove's electric power.