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How to Replace The Hidden Element in a Kitchen Aid Stove

Kyle McBride

KitchenAid markets a line of stoves for residential use that have a hidden bake element. The bake element that is usually on the floor of the oven compartment is in a compartment under the floor, hidden from view. Positioning the element in this way, the oven can be cleaned without interference from the element, and the element does not get contaminated by food spilled in the oven compartment. The procedure to remove the bake element is rather involved, but still requires only a screwdriver and basic mechanical skill.

Step 1

Disconnect power to the stove, then pull the stove away from the wall.

Step 2

Open the oven door to its broiler stop position (open about 4 inches), then grasp the sides of the door and lift it slightly. Pull the door toward you until the hinge brackets are partially removed from the slots in the stove's frame. Tip the door so the face of the door is vertical, then pull the door toward you to completely remove the hinge brackets from the frame. Set the door aside.

Step 3

Pull the storage door all the way out.

Step 4

Remove two screws from the rear edge of the right side panel. Reach through the opening in the rear panel at the bottom to access a screw in the center of the bottom of the right side panel. Remove the screw.

Step 5

Slide the right side panel forward until the front edge disengages the stove's frame, then tilt the top edge of the panel out. Lift the panel off the stove's frame, then set it aside.

Step 6

Move the insulation away from the hidden bake element.

Step 7

Disconnect a wire from each terminal on the hidden bake element. Grasp the wire at the connector, then pull firmly.

Step 8

Remove the right-hand screw on the hidden bake element mount bracket next to the right terminal.

Step 9

Pull the bake element to the right, then unhook the tabs. Remove the bake element, then set it aside.

Step 10

Install the new hidden bake element by reversing the disassembly procedure.