How Do I Seal Corrugated Tin in a Shower Surround?

Mary Lougee

Shower surfaces require waterproof coverage to prevent water from ruining the walls and the framing beneath. Installing corrugated tin sheets for a shower surround can give a bathroom character and works well with a rustic country theme.

Corrugated tin installation usually takes little time due to the large sheet size, but the tin must be sealed on the edges and between each sheet to prevent water from splashing or running between the tin and the wall.


Using stainless steel roofing screws with washers in the valleys of the tin will negate the need for caulking around each screw head. Use clear silicone caulk so it is not noticeable or choose a color for the perimeter to match the bathroom d├ęcor. Paint the tin with an exterior barn paint to protect it from eventually rusting.

  1. Cut the tip off a tube of silicone caulk at a 45-degree angle with a utility knife. Place the tube in a caulk gun with the tip pointing away from you.

  2. Squeeze the caulk gun trigger to compress the tube and start the sealant flow from the tip. Place the tip on the left bottom corner of the corrugated tin sheeting where the tin meets the wall. Squeeze the caulk gun trigger to dispense caulk while moving the tip upward to the top left side of the tin.

  3. Continue squeezing the trigger while moving the caulk gun along the junction of tin and the wall to apply a generous, continuous bead of caulk across the top of the tin from the left to the right side. Caulk the right side from top to bottom, then the bottom from the right to left of the outermost sheets of tin until you reach the point where the caulk bead begins.

  4. Caulk the junctions of sheets of tin, starting at the top and working down to seal each sheet to the next in a vertical line.

  5. Squeeze the caulk gun trigger briefly with the tip on each screw head that fastens the tin to the wall. Smooth the caulk with a finger to coat the head and the area around it where it meets the tin.

  6. Let the silicone caulk dry according to the package directions before using the shower.