How to Use Corrugated Tin As a Backsplash in a Kitchen

Corrugated Tin Adhesive Utility knife

  1. Measure the wall. You'll need to know how many square feet of corrugated tin you'll need from the home improvement store. The tin is usually sold in 18- by 24-inch squares. You can calculate square feet by multiplying the height of the area you want to cover by the width.

  2. Head to the store and pick out the style of corrugated tin you like. Many different designs are available. You also need to choose the metallic color, typically copper or silver.

  3. Clean the area of the wall that you plan to put the backsplash on. This is important. If your wall is dirty, the adhesive may not stick as well. Usually warm, soapy water works best.

  4. Measure and cut a piece of the tin in a manageable size that you or a partner can handle neatly.

  5. Using an adhesive such as liquid nails, spread the adhesive on the back of the tin. Place the tin against the wall, pressing firmly. Repeat this process. Your second piece will overlap slightly. Use a strong painter's tape to hold the panels together until the adhesive dries.

  6. If you have a light switch, measure the location of the light switch and the size on the piece of tin. Cut out a space for the light switch in the tin.

  7. Most corrugated tin panels used for backsplashes can be left unfinished. Some homeowners choose to paint them. Be sure to check the manufacturer's specifications. Use a coat of clear lacquer if you decide not to paint. If you paint them, you'll need a bonding primer suitable for metal and an oil-based paint.

  8. You might also need light switch and outlet plate covers. Some stores have available peel-and-stick decorative laminate sheets. This will give your project a finished look.