How to Set Up a Memory Foam Bed

Alexis Writing

A memory foam bed mattress is made with visco-elastic or other types of foam instead of standard fabric and springs. Manufacturers of memory foam mattresses suggest these mattresses are better for the body as they mold to the body's contours and thus put less pressure on the body.

Setting up a memory foam bed is relatively simply, but there are a few things to remember.

  1. Place your bed frame in the desired location. A bed frame is not required, but many people opt for a bed frame as it lifts the box spring/ bed off the floor.

  2. Place your box spring in the bed frame or on the floor. Most brands of memory foam beds have their own box springs that come with the mattress. It is usually best to use the appropriate matching box spring for your bed, since memory foam mattresses can be much heavier than standard mattresses and a compatible box spring will provide appropriate support for the mattress.

  3. Lift your memory foam mattress onto the box spring with the appropriate side facing up. The mattress will specify which side goes up. Memory foam mattresses are heavier than most standard mattresses, so you will likely need a friend to help you put the mattress in place.

  4. Make up your bed with sheets. You do not want to use any special mattress pad, since a memory foam bed should be right up against your body in order to provide maximum comfort. A thin mattress cover or protector is optional but not required as most brands of memory foam mattresses have their own protective covers which reduce dust and allergens.

  5. Rotate your mattresses periodically, moving the head to the feet end, so that the mattress wears evenly. Most memory foam mattresses advertise that they have a longer lifespan than traditional spring mattresses, so rotating your mattress can ensure it remains in good condition for a long time to come.


Unlike some standard mattresses, memory foam mattresses do not need to be flipped as there are no springs that wear out. Your memory foam mattress may have a slight odor upon first purchase. This will dissipate with time as the bed airs out.


Do not get your memory foam mattress wet, as the foam can become mildewed or moldy with excess exposure to water.