What Is a Euro-Top Mattress?

A Euro-top mattress has extra padding on top of the basic mattress shape. The padding is stitched to match the mattress shape much like a mini mattress on top.

A Euro-top mattress has several extra inches of padding on top, much like a pillow top. The edges of a Euro-top are straight and look almost as though a thin mattress is stitched atop a standard mattress.

Euro-Top Basics

To Flip or Not to Flip

One major difference between Euro-tops and standard mattresses -- besides the added height -- is that many of them are designed to be one-sided, which may affect the length of their useful lives. A standard mattress is meant to be rotated and flipped from time to time to keep the structure in good shape. Many Euro-tops and pillow-tops are one-sided, meaning the top has to be the top; the bed cannot be flipped. Lift the mattress to see the other side to determine if it is flippable. If it is, the bottom and top look the same, each with the added Euro top-stitching and structure.

Much like a pillow top, a Euro-top mattress has several extra inches of padding and filler on top. While a pillow top looks like a billowy, soft add-on to the mattress, a Euro-top has more structured "walls" along the top, resembling a thin added-on mattress rather than a soft pillow. While most pillow tops are designed to add softness, a Euro-top may be soft or firm.