How to Troubleshoot a Honda Small Engine

Owen E. Richason IV

The Honda corporation makes a number of products ranging from jets to automobiles to small engines such as lawn mowers and weed trimmers. Honda also manufactures small outboard marine engines. Regardless of the application, Honda's small engines are relatively the same -- internal combustion, gas burning engines.

These small engines can sputter or fail to start from time to time; when it happens to your Honda small engine, you can troubleshoot the problem to begin the repair process whether you have experience with such things or not. You'll need a few items household tools and small-engine parts to troubleshoot your Honda small engine.

  1. Check the gas in your Honda small engine. If it has been in the tank for more than 45 to 60 days, it has likely degraded; you'll need to siphoned it out with a hose. Siphon the old, stale gas and pour in fresh gas.

  2. Unscrew the spark plug on your Honda small engine using a socket wrench. Inspect it for corrosion. If some corrosion is present, put on gloves and clean it with a wire brush and solvent, then put it back in your Honda small engine. In the alternative, replace the spark plug with a new one.

  3. Open the air filter compartment with a screwdriver and pliers. Inspect the air filter to see if it is clogged with dust and debris. Take the air filter to a hardware store or home improvement store and purchase a new one. Put the new air filter in your Honda small engine.

  4. Inspect the fuel filter and replace it if it is clogged or damaged. Look over your Honda small engine's fuel line to see if it is cracked or there is a blockage preventing the flow of fuel. Take the old fuel filter off with pliers and purchase a new one. Install the new fuel filter into the fuel line.