How to Kill Spiders Safely And Naturally

Getting rid of spiders can be tough, especially if you live near a lake or pond. Most spiders feed on flying insects that need still water to lay their eggs in. Besides just being creepy, some spiders can be dangerous to your children and pets. Spiders such as the brown recluse and black widow are highly poisonous.

Spiders despise the smell of eucalyptus.

Fear of spiders causes many people to call exterminators to kill the spiders. However, these pest control professionals spray pesticides and insecticides around your home that can be hazardous to your kids and pets. An all-natural remedy can discourage spiders from hanging around your house.

  1. Start by cleaning up your house. Spiders are shy creatures by nature and spend most of their time in hiding. Eliminate as much clutter around your house as possible. This gives them fewer places to hide.

  2. Wrap a handful of eucalyptus leaves in a small piece of mesh netting and tie it off with a twist tie. Spiders hate the smell of eucalyptus and will be repelled by the scent.

  3. Place your spider deterrents in each of the places you've seen spiders. These are normally dark places that don't get disturbed on a daily basis, such as behind couches, in attics, and in the back of cabinets.