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Will a DeadFast Greenhouse Sulphur Candle Kill Bed Bugs?

Samantha Hanly

Bed bugs are making a comeback due to changing rules regarding pesticide use. Bed bugs are hearty creatures that are difficult to eradicate. To achieve a quick end to an infestation, it may be necessary to consult with a professional exterminator.

Adult bed bugs can live in your mattress for up to six months without feeding.


DeadfFast Greenhouse Sulphur Candles are designed to eliminate insect pests and fungal spores in greenhouses. The manufacturer recommends its product for flying and crawling insects such as wasps, moths, fleas, ants, houseflies and mosquitoes. It does not state that they intended for use against bed bugs.


Greenhouses are usually much smaller than homes, and when using a DeadFast Greenhouse Sulphur Candle the greenhouse must be sealed for 12 hours. One candle is not large enough to treat a house and the manufacturer does not recommend the product for use inside the home. Doing so may be hazardous to humans and pets.

Active Ingredients

Pyrethrum is the chemical used in foggers and bug bombs used by many exterminators. Pyrethrum does kill bed bugs. DeadFast candles do not contain pyrethrum; they contain 98% sulphur, which is not a substance proven to work against bed bugs.