How to Unclog a Dyson Animal Vacuum Cleaner

Ashley Kurz

The Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner is manufactured to have extra suction power to pick up pet hair and dander, but it can lose that suction power if it becomes clogged with debris. There are four areas where clogs can accumulate in a Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner.

These areas are the brushbar, the mini turbine attachment head, the hose and the u-bend. Clear clogs from these areas of your vacuum to regain suction power and keep your Dyson working properly.

Clogged Brushbar

  1. Turn off the vacuum cleaner and unplug it from the power outlet.

  2. Flip your vacuum cleaner over so the bottom of the base is exposed.

  3. Inspect the rolling brushbar for caught hairs and carpet threads that could prevent the brushes from rotating. Try to spin it with your hand to expose any debris.

  4. Cut any hairs or carpet fibers that are caught on the brushes with scissors. Pull them free and dispose of them.

Clogged Mini Turbine Attatchment

  1. Stick a coin into the indent on the yellow circle on the side of the attachment and turn it so that the indent lines up with the "unlocked" symbol.

  2. Pull the yellow circle, which is a fastener, outward and away from the attachment. The mini brushbar will be exposed.

  3. Pull the mini brushbar out of the attachment head and inspect it for caught debris.

  4. Cut any caught debris from the mini brushbar with a pair of scissors.

  5. Slide the brushbar back into the attachment head.

  6. Replace the yellow circular fastener and use the coin again to turn it back to the "locked" position.

Clogged Hose

  1. Pull the wand upward and off of the hose.

  2. Remove the opposite end of the hose from the base of the machine.

  3. Wiggle the hose around and bang on the side of it with your hand to remove any blockages. Slide the hose over a broom handle to ensure that the clog is pushed out completely.

  4. Reattach the hose to the base of the machine and replace the wand at the other end.

Clogged U-bend

  1. Lay your vacuum down on its side.

  2. Flip open the u-bend cover, which is located at the base of the machine in the back, by pressing the yellow button on the inside of the "U" shape and pulling the cover downward.

  3. Remove any visible blockages inside the bottom hose and u-bend cover.

  4. Replace the u-bend cover by pressing it back into place until it clicks.